Our Team

Crystal Lindsay

Technology Innovation Manager

    Crystal Lindsay, has served in an Administrative Leadership role for 17 years, She is currently the Director of Teacher Effectiveness and Common Core Initiatives and formely served as the Chief Technology Officer in Long island, Technology Innovation Manager for the New York City Department of Education Managing the borough of the Bronx, the Director of Instructional and Inforamtion Technology of former New York City's Chancellor's District,  District's 9 and 5.  Recognized for her leadership ability, was selected by her Superintendent and former Chancellor Levy to participate in the Chancellor’s Executive Leadership Academy.  This opportunity led her to serve as the Chief Technology Officer in a struggling Long Island School District where she designed and implimented innovative instructional Technology programs, IEP, Attendance, Communication and student security systems in addtion to a major infrastructure upgrade in partnership with Verizon and Cable Vision working closely with State Ed Department liaisons.  She has presented at National, State and local conferences throughout her career on a variety of eduactional topics.  Early in her career Ms. Lindsay served as an Assistant to the Principal, Summer School Coordinator,  Literacy and Math Coach, Computer Coordinator, Mentor and Budget Liasion, and lead Teacher and Coordinator for the IBM Corridor Program in New York City creating and implement the first network computers for instruction in an Elementary and Middle school.  Her philosophy that “all children can learn given multidementionally differentiated and engaging learning experiences” matched with her passion for instructional technology allows her to continually develop and share innovative practices that empower educators, equips every learner for the 21st Century and posits to improve student outcomes for all populations we serve.  Most recently Ms. Lindsay has become a board nominated member of the New York Academy of Public School Educators, Google Certified Educator and National presenter for ISTE.


Sheila Graham

Shelia Graham

Instructional Technology Specialist

    Shelia Graham has worked as a Computer Education and Early Childhood Teacher for ten years. She has spent the last nine years of her career serving as a Technology Instructional Specialist. Ms. Graham has a Bachelors of Science in Computing and Management, a Master of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education and a Professional Diploma in District Leadership and Technology. In her current role as Borough Instructional Technology Specialist, she provides professional development services to School Technology Liaisons in Districts Nine and Ten.

- sgraham7@schools.nyc.gov

Tim Lampson

Timothy Lampson

Borough Instructional Technology Technician

    Tim hails from northern Illinois near Chicago. At 20 years old, he began a career as photographer and eventually moved to New York to pursue that dream. It was while working as a photographer in New York and witnessing a paradigm shift to digital photography that peaked his interest and involvement with computers. Tim enjoyed working with the computer so much that he decided to change careers and pursued a degree in Computer Operations. After completing his degree, Tim joined the NYCDOE in 2000 and has worked in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the city.


Luis Aviles

Instructional Technology Specialist

    Mr. Avilés joined the New York City Teaching Fellows in 2005 and started working as a Bilingual Teacher at PS25 The Bilingual School in the Bronx. Sponsored by this program he completed a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education from PACE University. He is a Google Certified Teacher, a Discovery STAR Educator, member of the Bronx River Alliance and a passionate believer of the need to transform education to meet the challenges of the new society.
    Since his first year of teaching his classroom reflected the needs of 21st century students, incorporating technology into every lesson and providing students with different paths to understanding and becoming part of the creation of knowledge. By the end of this first year of teaching Mr. Avilés received a Proclamation from the New York State Assembly in June 2006 for his innovative approach to Bilingual Education. This recognition opened up the doors to developing and implementing a MultiMedia program at PS25 for elementary and middle school students that, focused on Information Literacy, gave them the opportunities to become responsible consumers and producers of media. The program established a school newsletter, an emergent broadcasting initiative and a vibrant competition among students to become active participants in the production and sharing of knowledge. Students produced and published, in school and online, Public Service Announcements, Digital Poems, School Interviews, Digital Biographies, news reports and other educational media products that empowered and gave them ownership of their learning.
    Mr. Avilés was part of the Inquiry Team, volunteered as a volleyball coach, worked with ASPIRA as part of an after school program, administered Professional Development sessions as well as parent workshops and took every chance to further his belief that every student can be part of the creation of knowledge if given the opportunity to participate and demonstrate from their own interests and learning styles.
    Today Mr. Avilés is pursuing a PhD in Educational Technology with a focus in Bilingual Information Literacy. His Professional goal is to include every student in the creation of knowledge by providing teachers with shared product tools that can promote collaboration and peer review among members of the learning community.

Instructional Technology Specialist