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Bronx OET at ISTE 2012

Ebony Schoon - Beyond Textbooks: Strategies for Improving Student Literacy with Mobile Devices

Monday, June 25, 2012,  4:30pm–7:30pm PDT  (Pacific Daylight Time)
Hands-0n, BYOD

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San Diego, California

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Office of Educational Technology in Collaboration with 
the Office of English Language Learners 

October 27, 2011
8:30 - 12:00
Jewish Heritage Museum - Auditorium
                                                     36 Battery Place New York, New York 10004

OETBX at 2011

Michael Dreyfus - Seven Free Mobile Participation Tools for Classrooms

Luis Aviles - Enhancing Second Language Acquisition Through Media Production




OETBX at ISTE 2010

Luis Avilés - Building a Student Produced Broadcasting Program

OETBX at Lehman College, Division of Education Faculty Retreat

Crystal Lindsay - Special Projects of the Bronx OET
Shelia Graham Interactive White Boards
Luis Avilés - Digital Media Production
Michael Dreyfus - Online Environments for Schools 

OETBX at TechForum Northeast
Crystal Lindsay - Getting Reluctant Teachers to Use Technology