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SMART IWB Summer Institute Day 2

Using SMART Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom Institute
Bronx Office of Educational Technology
One Fordham Plaza Room 821 Bronx New York 10458

Day 2: July 14, 2011

Shelia Graham, Instructional Technology Specialist 
Timothy Lampson, Supervising Technician


9:00AM         SMART Notebook 10 Software Review and Other Features           

                    1. SMART Notebook 10 Software
                    2. Essentials for Educators (Gallery) 
                    3. Lesson Activity ToolKit 
                    4. Tables
                    5. Themes and Backgrounds
                    6. SMART Tools, Floating Toolbar 

10:30AM BREAK         Using SMART Response Systems in the Classroom

  •                         SMART Response Equipment

  •                         SMART Response Teacher Tools 

  •                         Class Lists, Grade Book, Reports, Adding a Class, Adding Students

  •                         Anonymous Assessments

  •                         Questions Sets

  •                         Teacher Grade Book

  •                         Interpreting Gather Date Side Tabs 

12:00NOON     LUNCH

          HANDS-ON PRACTICE: Create an eight page Assessment set using the following guidelines. Rename each page accordingly 

                      Page 1: Title, Content Area, Grade Level and if possible one related graphic
                      Page 2: Directions Instructions Page
                      Page 3: Sample Question 
                      Page 4: Question
                      Page 5: Question
                      Page 6: Question 
                      Page 7: Question
                      Page 8: Closing Assessment Instructions 

                      NOTE: This is only a start. You will continue developing the lesson activity during the institute.
                                 All completed lessons are due by  Friday, July 15, 2011 at 1:00PM no exceptions.
                                 Project LEARN and KIM grant participants must post their lessons on the appropriate Google Grant Site

2:30PM          Share Your Thoughts 

                      Reflective Questions

                      What are some potential benefits to utilizing SMART Response in the classroom?
                      What are some potential challenges you might face in utilizing this tool in your classroom?
                      Identify some SMART Response strategies/features you can implement in your classroom to enhance your practices.
                      How do you think this tool can support or detract from your collaborative inquiry teacher team goals?

2:40AM           Today's Survey
                       Project KIM
                       Project LEARN